Caring for your Crystals

Keeping you Crystals Clean

 Crystals need to be cleared of negative energy.  What do we mean by negative energy?  This covers a range of things.  For example, it can be a general dullness from being stored in a warehouse, box or not being used for a long time where the crystal is not fulfilling its purpose, or it could also be an indicator that the crystal is working with you as requested to clear your aura, causing it to become dull and sticky.  Whatever the reason your crystals look and work better if you keep them clean.

Before they reach you they will have been mined, travelled a long way and probably been handled by many people in a warehouse, show and / or show before they come into your care.   They may also have come from someone who has held or worked with them before they reached you. Because of this you always need to clear your new crystals when purchased or received as gifts. 

After this you should clear them of any negative energy as required.  If you are using a crystal for self-healing the crystal should be cleared before and after use.  For crystals placed around the house I generally check and clear mine at least at the same time as I physically clean the room.  If one is working particularly hard it may need to be cleared more often.   If you look at one of your crystals and think’ I wonder if it needs clearing’ then assume it is trying to get your attention and it probably does! 

Remember jewellery contains crystals and minerals and should be cleared after wearing. 

There are many ways to clear a crystal and some are listed below. Whichever method you use always focus on the intent of clearing the crystal of any negative energy as you do this. It is the asking that it be cleared / intention that this be done that is key to it being cleared energetically as well.  If you know how to tune into higher energies do this first (if you don’t know how to do this focus on asking and intent)

  • Hold under running water (not if it contains metal such as malachite, turquoise, hematite, pyrite, lapis or if it is very soft such as halite or selenite). Remember the water by itself is clearing the outside of the crystal, removing dust etc. 
  • Visualise Light flowing through it.  I like to give mine a ‘Light Shower’ by holding the crystal in one hand and holding the other hand over the crystal and channelling Light.
  • Pass through incense or a candle flame.
  • Blow on the crystal
  • Use sound – use a Tibetan bowl, chanting etc
  • Place on a crystal cluster or in a crystal ‘cave’ – people often use Amethyst for this
  • If the crystal is very dirty it may be helpful to bury the crystal in the Earth – but remember where you left it! 
  • I don’t recommend using salt or salt water to clear a crystal on a regular basis as it can be harsh for some crystals – but in circumstances where a crystal really needs strong cleansing, and it’s a tough crystal then it could be used.
  • For pendulum users you can clear with a pendulum – I do this with Black Tourmaline which really needs to be kept clean or it throws everything back out at you if you don’t keep it clean!.  Do this by asking for the crystal to be cleared and for you to be shown when its finished.   For me the pendulum clears with my ‘yes ‘ swing (clockwise) and lets go with my ‘no’ swing (left to right).  You may have to adapt this to how your pendulum works for you.

Once cleared intend / ask that the crystal be filled with Light. I do this by holding my hand over the crystal as described with channelling / Light Shower clearing above.  It is nice also to dedicate your crystal – eg to Love and Light, the Highest Good etc.

Once your crystal is clean you may tune it to help you.  Relax and centre yourself and ask that the crystal help you with [state the purpose / for your highest good].  It may be helpful to visualise yourself achieving the purpose while you hold the crystal.  Place the crystal wherever is appropriate, eg by the TV set to help clear electromagnetic smog, under your pillow to aid sleep, carried in a pocket etc.

Crystals do not need to be re-tuned each time after clearing, but they do need to have this removed before re-tuning to a different purpose.  Do this in the same way as tuning them, by holding the crystal, thanking it for its help in achieving your purpose, and intending / asking that the tuning to help you with your purpose is now removed.  If not re-tuning the crystal straight away visualise the crystal filled with Light, so as not to leave a vacuum.

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