Workshops and Courses

Lepidolite Sphere

I provide Healing, Workshops and Courses in Crystals, Crystal Healing, Spiritual / Energy Healing, Subtle Energy Management and training in Stress Management. For more details please click on the specific workshop you are interested in.  

Diploma in Crystal and Energy Healing 

Living with Crystals – An Introduction

Getting Started with a Pendulum

An Introduction to De-Cluttering

Getting to Know Crystals

Getting Started ('Jargon Buster')

Basic Energy Management 

Basic Energy Management - for Therapists 

Human Energy Field Introduction 

Chakra Introduction

A Journey through the  Chakras - an 8 Week Course

Working with Mandalas

Crystals, Science and Healing

An Introduction to Managing Stress

Stress Management Training - an 8 Week Course

Crystal, Science and Healing

Contact me to check on, availability and dates / times or to book a place  

If you don’t see what you are looking for I would be happy to discuss further with you whether a course could be created or adapted to meet your specific needs. I would also be happy to deliver workshops and courses at your own premises, or arrange for workshops and courses to be run at different locations subject to interest being great enough.