What is Healing? 

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Crystal and Spiritual / Energy healing is about helping to restore balance and harmony to the subtle energy system.  This is achieved by assessing the whole energy ffield and channelling beneficial energy to the area of the energy system where the greatest need is indicated.  If crystals are used, knowledge of their qualities to shape or focus the energy is used to ensure their placement achieves the most benefit for the client at that time.

The subtle energy system is so much more than just the solid body we can see and touch. Scientists can detect the subtle energies surrounding our physical bodies and call this the bio-energetic or bio-magnetic field.   More commonly we might refer to this as the 'aura', or more specifically refer to individual subtle bodies, chakras, or gridlines.

Whether we are aware of it or not, we are constantly interacting with our surroundings through our subtle energy systems as well as through our physical body. Happy, relaxed, positive environments, activities, thoughts and emotions will result in a healthy energy system. However in our day to day activities and interactions we often find ourselves in circumstances that we find less than ideal.  These negative influences can result in imbalances in the energy system perhaps as blockages or stuck energy, weaknesses etc, which can occur anywhere in this wider energetic system.  

Imbalances or disharmony can also occur as a result of transition and growth.  Even if this is welcomed as being positive and beneficial, healing can support the process, eg by clearing outworn patterns or negative energy from the subtle energy system, assisting with relaxation, increased awareness, or resulting in a sense of relief or feeling lighter, stronger and more grounded.

Healing within the subtle energies is holistic and, therefore, in addressing these areas of imbalance the whole energy system is considered, ie including the mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. Whilst not excluding the physical body, focus is not concentrated specifically on healing either the physical body or a physical symptom, and it should be noted that no guarantees regarding cures of physical symptoms are given. It is entirely possible however, that a physical ailment may be a result of a disturbance elsewhere in the subtle energy system and that improvement in the physical body may result.  It is important to understand that healing is complementary to allopathic or orthodox treatment, not an alternative, and therefore should not replace seeking medical advice where appropriate.

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