Subtle Energy Management 


We are much bigger than just our physical bodies that we can see and touch.  We are surrounded by our subtle bodies or ‘layers’ of our subtle energy.  Scientists can detect the subtle energies surrounding our physical bodies and call this the bio-energetic or bio-magnetic field.   More commonly we might refer to this as the aura.  Our subtle energy systems also include the chakras, or vortexes of energy, through which we receive and transmit energy, and gridlines which represent the most fundamental level at which we walk through life. 

Healing works directly with all these systems, but most of the time the maintenance of a healthy system is up to us.  If you think of this like a trip to the dentist, you may visit to ffix a problem tooth or just for a check up, clean and polish.   Outside of this you clean your teeth every day, choose how much sweets and ffizzy drinks you consume etc.  If we fail to do this, pain and visits to the dentists are likely to be more frequent!  In a similar way we need to look after the whole of our energy system – the densest level of the physical, but also the wider subtle energy system. 

In the same way that the systems of our physical body automatically look after us most of the time without us thinking about it, so too do our subtle energy systems.  However the way we live our lives can either help or put a strain on them.  Becoming aware of how our thoughts, emotions and environments impact our systems and learning how to clear, strengthen and ground our energy ffield, relax and manage our stress levels, can help us feel better and feel more in control of our lives.

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