Managing Stress                                                 

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Stress is something we live with every day.  It is a natural function which exists to help us to react appropriately in an emergency or to a potentially dangerous situation.  For example, if we are driving in a car and a person steps out in front of us we want to react quickly and slam the brakes on! 

Unfortunately though we often ffind ourselves in situations where we feel under pressure, eg at work, stuck in traffic on the school run, studying for exams, moving house or even planning for Christmas or holidays!  Our bodies can’t tell the difference between these events and a potentially physically harmful situation and thus we react to each event by preparing our body to be able to respond.  If the situation does not warrant action, eg if you are sitting in non-moving traffic with nothing you can do about it, the stress has no way of being released and stays in your physical body and in your wider subtle energy system.  If the situation is short lived you may eventually relax and release the stress.  However if the situation is longer term, or you experience many stressful events each day, then the stress may become established within your system and signs of stress will start to appear.  If this continues for a long time you may even grow used to this and cease to be aware of it, or just accept this as part of everyday life and something to live with.  The good news is that you don’t have to put up with this.  You can do something about managing the stress in your life.

There is plenty of information ‘out there’ about stress – self help books, websites etc.  These are all good sources for starting to take positive action to manage your stress.  It can be really useful, however, to spend some time considering your own circumstances and experiencing and learning different techniques that you can use to improve the management of the pressures and stresses in your own life.   I provide both workshops and courses in stress management, as well as individual sessions for those wishing to explore how stress affects them on an individual basis. 

It may be that in addition to group work, or as part of individual one to one sessions, Healing may prove beneficial.  For example if the energy system is very ‘clogged up’ it may be helpful to clear some of the old stuck negative energy to ‘kick start’  a new approach to managing your own stress differently or to support you make changes. 

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