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My name is Deb.  I live and work in Pembrokeshire, Wales.  

I am the founder of the Crystal and Energy Healing School.   Through the school, I offer workshops and courses  from half to one day introductory workshops in crystals, healing and subtle energy management,  through to a two year Diploma level Professional Training in Spiritual Healing / Crystal Healing.  

I provide a healing service in Spiritual Healing and  Crystal Healing.

I also offer Stress Management Training on a group and individual basis.

I have crystals for sale.  At the moment this is mainly at local events and to students / clients.

Find out more about Healing generally. 

Find more details regarding Energy / Spiritual Healing or to book a session.

Find more details regarding Crystal Healing or to book a session.  

More details about Workshops and Courses

Diploma in Crystal and Energy Healing starts each       September. -

Other courses and workshops available -please                                                       browse.                                               


I have Crystals for Sale - mainly to Students, Clients and people local enough to call and select them, rather than as a full on line shop.        

I have crystals for sale at events.  Please keep an eye on Events for details  

Find out more about Stress and Stress Management                  


The next West Wales Wellbeing Show is  13th / 14th Octoer 2018