Frequently Asked Questions 


Smoky Quartz with Rainbow

FAQ 1:  What crystal do I need to help me with my stiff neck, bad back, migraines, insomnia, to lose weight etc?

 The brief response to this is ‘it doesn’t really work like that’. I’ll try and explain why.

When we work with crystals (and healing in general) we do not work directly with physical symptoms, but rather look at what is going on within the subtle energy system that may be causing a problem. This cause may result in one or more symptoms in the physical body, and clearing or working with the symptom may certainly help, but this is not the starting point. If you accept this then it's easy to see why you cannot go straight to suggesting a single crystal, eg a stiff neck could signal several different issues, eg a build up of stress being held in the shoulder area and back, a result of an accident, sleeping badly, being too sedentary or alternatively overdoing it at the gym, being frustrated and not speaking out about something, having trouble allowing new things into your life or going through significant changes – the list goes on. And the crystal that would help most in each of these scenarios is very likely to be a different one.

Also people are unique. Take two people in similar jobs experiencing the same targets and dead lines. The ffirst may thrive on the challenge, enjoy the buzz of it all, and have an active social life as well. The second may resent the pressure, feel exhausted and worn out at the end of the day, and just want to go home to eat and relax in front of the TV. Similarly a single parent at home all day may consider him/herself alone and isolated and feel very down, whilst another may experience this as a special time to spend with a young child and feel very content. We all experience life ffiltered through our own individual perceptions, which result from both our individual nature and personalities and also our experiences to date. When you consider this, again a single crystal cannot possibly be expected to be universally the best one for every person.

Better then to establish the need and then to pick the right crystal / vibration to best assist with this. This is what happens in crystal healing. First the subtle energy systems are assessed and then, using knowledge and experience of the crystals, the right crystals are selected and placed to achieve the best outcome for the client. If selecting a crystal for yourself take a few moments to still your thoughts and tune into that wiser part of yourself and ask for the crystal that would best assist you at this time for the specific purpose you require. You may then be surprised to ffind yourself drawn to a specific crystal, or even be lucky enough to be given one as a present!