Energy / Spiritual Healing 


Energy Healing is also known as Spiritual Healing. 

Energy Healing is holistic in approach, ie working on all levels of the human energy system including spiritual, mental and emotional as well the physical.  During a session the healer channels beneficial energies to where these are required in the client's energy system to clear any blockages or disturbances in the energy field thus allowing the energy to flow more harmoniously.  
What can you expect in an Energy Healing session with me?

After an initial discussion I will ask you to make yourself comfortable, either in a chair or  lying down on a couch if more beneficial to you, and we will start with a relaxation exercise.  
I may invite you to remove your shoes if you feel comfortable in doing so, but apart from this you will remain fully clothed. I will check that it is ok for me to touch your shoulders lightly at the start of the healing and perhaps your feet at the end to help with grounding. 

I will then carry out the healing, assessing your energy systems and channelling energy as required.   At the end of the healing I will ensure that you are fully grounded and will allow time for any discussion.
I sometimes use sound within a healing, usually via a Tibetan bowl.

You may be aware of the energy being channelled, perhaps as heat or cold, tingling, an emotional response or thoughts popping into your head etc. It is also possible that you may feel nothing at all during the session but become aware later that you feel different or something has 'shifted'. Everyone's experience is unique to them, and indeed an individual's experience can be different across sessions.

Duration:   60 mins

Cost:         £25  (based on my usual work place - other location or home visits may differ) 

If you have further queries regarding Energy Healing, or to book a healing please Contact Me 

(Note: I do not use crystals in Energy Healing sessions. If you want to know more about healing with crystals please refer to my page on
Crystal Healing