Crystal Healing      

Clear Quartz cluster

Crystal Healing is Energy / Spiritual Healing with crystals.  It is holistic in approach, ie working on all levels of the human energy system including spiritual, mental and emotional which in turn may help with pain, effects of stress etc within the physical.  

During a session the healer assesses the client's energy field to determine where there are any imbalances and where the greatest need is.  Using knowledge of the qualities of crystals s/he then selects the appropriate crystals to use to shape and focus the energy, placing these on and around the client.   The healer then channels beneficial energy which is shaped and focused (eg enhanced, strengthened, calmed, deepened, absorbed, cleared etc) by the crystals to clear any blockages or disturbances in the client's energy ffield thus allowing the energy to flow more harmoniously.  
What can you expect in a Crystal Healing session with me?

After an initial discussion I will ask you to make yourself comfortable, probably lying down, either on a couch or on cushions on the floor, although a chair can be used if this is more beneficial to you.
I may invite you to remove your shoes if this is comfortable for you, and any jewellery that may affect the healing, but apart from this you will remain fully clothed.

I will check that it is ok for me to touch your feet at the end of the healing, if required, to help with grounding. 
The session will start with a relaxation exercise.
I will then assess your energy field to determine where the healing energy is most needed and select the crystals to use for the healing.  I will then place these crystals around and/or on areas of your body, and then channel beneficial energies as required.  

At the end of the healing I will remove all the crystals, ensure that you are fully grounded and will allow time for any discussion. 
I sometimes use sound within a healing, usually via a Tibetan bowl.

You may be aware of the energy being channelled, perhaps as heat or cold, tingling, an emotional response or thoughts popping into your head etc. It is also possible that you may feel nothing at all during the session but become aware later that you feel different or something has 'shifted'. Everyone's experience is unique to them, and indeed an individual's experience can be different across sessions.

Duration:   60  mins

Cost:         £25 (based on my usual work place - other locations or home visits may differ)

If you have further queries regarding Crystal Healing, or to book a healing please Contact Me